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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obstaclel list (partial I'm sure)

Obstacle #1: I am, and always have been, an insufficient house keeper. I know to a lot of women this means - oh my God, I need to vacuum! but no, There are huge dust clouds rolling around like sage brush. You have to wash a glass to get a drink of water. I can't remember making my bed last... you get the idea? I am not a hoarder, I hate junk. it is the enemy. but, Stuff gets moved from one place to another for some unknown reason. I can't pick up today where I left off yesterday...

Obstacle #2: I had 4 children in the first 5 years of our marriage, then 4 years later after a tubal removal I had one more, then 18 months later one more. After that, Sean had a vasectomy and that worked! Now I know this made everything much harder, but I will not blame my lack of home-making abilities on that. Now our children are age 15 - 27. We have 2 grandchildren.

Obstacle #3: I have been sick for 3 years with some unknown Neuro-muscular autoimmune disorder. I also have Narcolepsy, Catalplexy and Epilepsy (newly discovered but I've had since childhood) Now this I will say has definately had a huge part in my ability to keep the house clean. Lack of focus, episodes of blank stares and forgetting what I was doing - all have impaired my efficiency to say the least. Now Lack of energy, now joint pain, severe muscle tightness and extreme fatigue are almost incapacitating me. I have been on anti-seizure meds for about a year now, and they are improving my mental capacities. I now know exactly what I need to do, but I am very limited in energy and strength to get this done. Pacing my self seems to be the key.

Obstacle #4: Our financial status is less than ideal. We can pay bills and eat. That's about it. So anything that needs fixed takes some ingenuity. In this regard there are many things that "work" but don't look very good. Our hardwood floors are unsealed and very hard to keep clean. These things need to be rectified, but I need to get the house in order before embarking on that.

So that is a partial list of my shortcomings. There are, of course many many more....

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