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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Obstacle!

As I posted last week, I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. One of the obvious issues with RA is pain. There are quite a few medications for pain, here's why I can't take them:

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) are medications like asprin, ibuprofin and aleve. There are many different prescription strengths of these medications. These trigger asthma for me.

Stronger Stuff: I am allergic also to hydrocodone (Vicodin). This causes my whole body to itch. This breaks down into morphine when you take it, so chances are I'm allergic to morphine.

There is a prescription analgesic called Ultram / tramadol, but I cannot take this due to increased seizure activity.

I used to be able to take darvocet but they took that off the market. :(

Percocet may be an alternative, but is highly addictive and I really don't want that!

So... what's left? Tylenol. uh, yeah, sure.

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  1. I have same issue with NSAIDS. I even have seizure disorder but I have been able to take tramadol. I take 1-2 most nights. At first it made me a little nauseated but if I take daily that doesn't happen. I hope the MTX is going well and you get back to posting again. Just looking for knitting friends in Peoria and saw your blog.