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Monday, October 31, 2011

I am a Finishing Fool!

Saturday night I re-organized my wool room.  I put a stack of storage cubes in the corner.  This is for my current projects.  There are 3 cubes and each of those is split into 3 smaller slots.  That gives me 9 slots for projects that I have going....   Well, that wasn't enough room for my current projects.  What to do, what to do.

I decided the best solution would be to finish some of them.  Amazingly many of the projects were actually almost done.  Some even only needed the ends woven in.

Yesterday I finished off 3 hats, a scarf and a baby sweater.  

Then I finished the knitting of a sweater that I started in December of 2005.  Get this!  I only had a section left to knit that was 6" by 4"  ???  who knows why, but it sat there forever in a big plastic bag.  Now it won't fit me, I am not the same size I was in 2005, but it should fit my daughter just fine :)  so now it has blocked and tomorrow I will sew it together and try to figure out how to crochet the trim ????

 It will look like this when I am done:


Today I picked up a jacket I was knitting for myself.  This is knit out of leftover yarn from other projects and is meant to be a big comfy bed jacket.  Big it is!  but it is very very warm.  I finished the knitting, sewed the seams and actually put on buttons (most of them even match!)

Now I only have 9 projects left !  enough room. 
Oh except the 3 pair of socks and 2 pair of gloves, an ear flap hat, and a jacket for my son Ben.

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