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Friday, July 29, 2011

Therapy update

I saw the occupational therapist yesterday. He is very thorough. I cannot say enough about OSFs therapist's professionalism and knowledge. I had a bad experience at Methodist's physical therapy so I am very glad that this will be a good one.

The only thing is... Occupational therapy was so depressing. They gave me a foam tube for me to put my silverware in to hold it while I eat. " don't grasp anything between your index finger and thumb. uh... how am I going to knit?

I know that being worried about knitting, of all things, sounds very trivial, but knitting is a huge part of my life. It is my therapy, social outlet and my passion. It makes me happy.

My goal with RA is... what ever I need to do to keep knitting.

I have a wonderful friend who told me that she would duct tape the needles to my hands and hold my hands and we will knit together. I am not a tearful person, but that about did me in :)

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