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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Bad Week

  1. My daughter and granddaughter moved in. (that's not bad, it's just the reason they moved in that's bad)
  2. My son had to leave his job.
  3. My son's girlfriend's car broke down, and while my daughter was picking her up from work in my car, they ran out of gas.
  4. My car started making a horrible grinding noise when I start it.
  5. Some of the people who live in my house are very cranky. (uhhmm)
  6. My house is messier than usual because the bathrooms are both being worked on.
  7. Well the bathrooms are not being worked on because the plumber has not shown up for over a week.  So there is no toilet or sink in one bathroom, and there is no shower in the other bathroom. and there is drywall and plaster dust everywhere.
But....  I cleaned my wool room and this is where I am spending all my time.

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