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Saturday, September 24, 2011

More about the bathrooms

well, no shower yet.  The plumbers were here today and moved the drain to match the shower install.  But, due to the small size of our bathroom , they cannot put the shower together and then take it in the bathroom and they can't put it together in the bathroom due to the sloping ceiling in there.  They started talking about just not using that shower stall and just putting in tile and build the shower in there. 

I went in and looked at the problem and thought it would work if they took out the sink and the toilet, then put the shower together in that place, then move the stall over to the base.   They looked and thought, and hey yes, that would work.

Now the problem is that they can't take that toilet out until the toilet is installed in the main floor bathroom.  And... in order to install that toilet, the walls need to be taped & mudded, and the plumber did not bring his taping tools.

So, they are not coming tomorrow, maybe Monday night.  

I want to take a shower!

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