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Friday, September 30, 2011

The Philosophy of the Day

Today I decided that I am living alone. The other people who live here do not live alone.  I really do love my family, I just want to look at life through my own eyes for a while.  Things like waking up on a Sunday morning and thinking, what would I do for the day if no one had any demands on my time.  What is an entire day to myself like?

I wake up.  It's a beautiful sunny day and a gentle cool breeze moves the curtains.  I am surrounded by big fluffy pillows and a downy comforter.  On the floor, on the rug next to my bed, are my hand knit slippers.  Hanging on the wall is my robe.   The coffee is brewing already because my evening routine was completely uninterrupted and I had the forethought to set the brewing timer on the machine.  I hop into my pristine shower, dry off with a clean towel that has never been left lying on the floor.  

After getting dressed, I go to the kitchen.  I open the cabinet door (which was closed)  and I select my favorite cup (which is clean).  I pour myself a cup of coffee, add cream and enjoy my morning.   I listen to music I enjoy.  - Then I hear a loud pop!  and my eyes open.....

oops never mind, that was a dream, I'm awake now and I have to go.  I need to do a load of laundry so I have a clean towel to take a shower    no, a bath (there is no shower).  then I have to search for a cup in the kid's rooms and wash it before I can make coffee.  hopefully no one used all the cream on their cereal.

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